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Last month, we talked about our Holistic Assessment as a great tool when considering nourishment, and this month we thought it would be perfect timing to discuss aspects of cleansing as part of the same Holistic Assessment.

Why is it that we start cleaning in the spring? It’s tradition in many cultures, almost like it is hard-wired into us, to welcome in a new season and invigorate our surroundings. It’s a time when so many of us ask: What can I let go of?

There are many helpful tips for clearing clutter. For clothes, we’ve heard that if we haven’t worn it in a year, to donate it. For those items in our offices, we’ve heard that if we can find it on the internet, to recycle the papers and let go of the books. And for the items around the house, we’ve heard that if you hold it and it doesn’t give you joy, to give it away. Some folks even take part in 30-day challenges to get rid of one item each day for clutter-free living.

Spring cleaning in this manner does feel great. The Holistic Assessment embraces the physical clearing as well as letting go of emotions that no longer serve, and perhaps emotions tied to a situation or item that no longer serve. People talk about having diminished energy when holding onto something that is no longer beneficial, and that having things in order is peaceful in comparison to the chaotic or disheveled feelings that arise amidst clutter.

As you move forward with your spring cleaning traditions, we invite you to ask yourself these three questions:

1. How can I let go of burdens?

2. What is one thing I could let go of that would lighten my energy this spring?

3. What am I holding onto that no longer serves my highest good? 

We hope you find this holistic spring cleaning helpful, and wish you a wonderful month! 


Warm Regards,  

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