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October 2018

Linda has been thinking about something she heard years ago: that there are no secrets. Do you think that’s true? It’s an interesting question to ponder… 

If there really were no secrets in this world, there would be no need to manipulate; people simply wouldn’t do it because the truth/facts would be in front of everyone and we would have better, open, direct communication. Our energy could then go to solving problems and creating solutions to the issues we face. “Backroom deals” would be eliminated, and/or if someone went outside their committed relationship it would be a known fact; it would be discussed, and out in the open between partners.  

Take for example the recent Kavanaugh hearings in the United States. If there were no secrets, everyone would know the truth and no time or energy would need to be spent on finding out the truth.  

This fall, consider some important coaching questions about transparency:

  • If there were no secrets, what behaviors or thoughts would you change?
  • How would your relationships change if there were no secrets between you and your partner?  
  • If you knew that everyone could see what you would were doing, would you change?
  • Where does your privacy and transparency intersect? 
  • How do you determine what information is important or relevant to share with others?

What are your thoughts on the subject matter? Join the conversation in our new public coaching community here.  

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