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Keeping Your Vibe High

March 2024

Back when Linda was living in Chicago, she remembers how March was "the worst month of all"; it was still cold, still winter, and still dark. It was difficult to stay positive when there were no signs of anything letting up, and she was more than ready for spring.

Spring still isn't here for a lot of us, and even if you are experiencing bright and sunny days outside, there might still be aspects of your life getting you down. If that is the case, it's important to engage in exercises or activities to "keep your vibe high" because what you focus on tends to become amplified and brings in more of the same.

Keeping your "vibe high" however, doesn't mean that you can ignore what is bothering you or to pretend it's not there — you might have heard of that in terms of toxic positivity or spiritual bypassing. It's important to address the reality of the situation with the intention of gathering information...for the purposes of positive transformation.

Here are four easy steps to keep your vibe high:

1. Identify what is bringing you down, i.e. don't gloss over the issue, or pretend that it's not there. See what is lurking in those dark corners and give it a name.

2. State what it is about the named issue that you don't like. What thoughts or emotions does that bring? What body sensations?

3. Think something positive about the same issue. Everything has something positive that we can use for our learning and growth. What thoughts or emotions does that bring? What body sensations?

4. Consider next steps. What activities do you want to engage in now with this new awareness? What thoughts would you like to have instead? What would you like to do differently now? Can you overwrite the situation with a new name?

If you would like some additional support for "keeping your vibe high", and/or if you find yourself in the midst of personal transformation, check out Linda's book:  What Would you Like to Change? on, and don't forget it's also a perfect time for you to get some coaching!


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