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Having Conversations
Have you noticed conversations here in the United States are becoming increasingly polarized? Coaches are perfectly poised to help people come from different perspectives and heal the divide. Read more...
Dr. Linda Bark on Being Well-Beings Podcast
Dr. Linda Bark has recently been on the Being Well-Beings podcast, Episode 3: Coaching Pioneer Steadfastly Committed to Whole Health & Unity Consciousness Hosted by Lo Elizabeth Well-Being Coach, Mentor, Trainer, & Consultant; MA, NBC-HWC, Read more...
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Featured Graduate Ruby Whalen
Ruby Whalen has been a nurse for over 30 years, and throughout this time she has been a bedside nurse in pediatric cardiac intensive care, a Cath lab nurse manager, clinical research nurse and a nurse clinical in congenital heart disease. Throughout her career, Ruby has maintained a passion for nursing education and research and promoting health and wellbeing. Read more...
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Coaching During Storms
There are all kinds of different storms in life, both figurative and literal. You could find yourself in the middle of a tornado, a lightning storm, torrential rain, or blizzard. You could also go through periods in life where you are dealing with family arguments, emergencies, job loss/job changes, or painful relationship breakups. These are part of the human condition, but we have a trick for you: maintain your coaching presence! Allow your coaching skills to assist you during times of great tests and Read more...
Happy New Year!
With so much going on in the world right now it might not seem like a very ''happy'' start to the New Year, however we've heard from many people who feel they have chosen to be on Earth at this time so that they can assist with an important shift in humankind. This is truly the time we've been waiting for! Read more...

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