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Dealing with Grief
Dealing with Grief February 2024 Linda recently attended an in-person grief workshop and was struck by the rotary phones sitting on the table: they were invited to take turns and "phone" their deceased loved ones so that they could talk to them. Linda had lost 12 people in her circle recently and found the exercise to be helpful as well as healing. The idea came out of a process in Japan; a garden-designer started to set up a phone booth in his garden after the death of a relative, which just... Read more...
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When the going gets tough...
When the Going Gets Tough January 2024 Linda's motto used to be, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." She worked hard for many years with that in mind. However, in the last several years she has a new motto: "When the going gets tough, what's happening?" Why the change in motto? Well, maintaining difficult situations and powering through them may not always be the best way forward. Just as in coaching sessions, it's important to keep a stance of curiosity an Read more...
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The Power of Pleasure and Joy
It's common knowledge that reducing stress and living happier, joyful lives can improve health outcomes in a multitude of ways. This can be easier said than done however when we get bogged down in the responsibilities and stresses of life, and they all too easily dominate our time. Read more...
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Caring for Others and Self-Care
It's a delicate balance to care for others and to make sure one is caring for themselves at the same time. We think giving from Read more...
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Work-Life Balance
Work-life balance can be tricky to maintain, particularly when we move into fall and get back into the swing of things after summer. Some of you may have children going back to school and you are dealing with an empty nest, or maybe you are going back to school yourself! Coaching is perfect to help you achieve balance; you can consider what is important to you, prioritize tasks, or help you figure out what might not need to be done at all. In fact, our ABC Prioritizing tool is perfect for this! Read more...

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