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Energy Work and Coaching
Energy Work and Coaching July 2024 Our coach training program does not teach students to be energy workers; we do not teach Reiki or Healing Touch etc., but we do address energy in many ways with our holistic/integral coaching approaches and skills. For example, we teach coaches to notice when there is an energy shift in the coaching session, like an "ah-ha" moment, or if someone acts more animated (high energy) when talking about certain things, or seems more reticent (low energy) with variou... Read more...
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Your Support System
Your Support System June 2024 We know how important it is to have a support system; it makes all the difference in life, particularly when you might be going through big changes or challenging circumstances. You may have even heard about Blue Zones — places in the world with the most longevity, in part because the people in the region have a support system. How can you better understand the support you have around you? Here is a fun and easy "Community Assessment" exercis Read more...
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Creativity and Coaching
The reason why Linda has been coaching for 34 years is that it is such a creative experience. She is always wondering how to include the Structures of Consciousness in coaching sessions, how to include spiritual/life purpose aspects, intelligence, imagery, imagination, intuition, body sensations, sense of purpose, personal values, critical thinking, sequential learning...and the kitchen sink to help her clients move toward their goal(s). Read more...
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Staying Engaged in Your Experiment
Staying Engaged in Your Experiment April 2024 We've heard many expressions over the years, either about being on your "growing edge" and stretched like a rubber band, or about "getting out of your comfort zone", or to "get comfortable being uncomfortable" (among others). What this implies is that you need to experience some discomfort, fear or anxiety in order to expand, grow, adapt, or try new things. Do you agree? Any new adventure or endeavor can also feel good, pos Read more...
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Keeping Your Vibe High
Keeping Your Vibe High March 2024 Back when Linda was living in Chicago, she remembers how March was "the worst month of all"; it was still cold, still winter, and still dark. It was difficult to stay positive when there were no signs of anything letting up, and she was more than ready for spring. Spring still isn't here for a lot of us, and even if you are experiencing bright and sunny days outside, there might still be aspects of your life getting you down. If that is the case, it's Read more...

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