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Terrain Theory

February 2022

In the 19th century there was quite a debate whether germ theory or terrain theory was the basis for disease. As we know, germ theory became predominant in Western cultures...but as I consider this along with what we teach at Wisdom of the Whole, I have to wonder, could it not be both/and?

Holistic health really has a lot of parallels to terrain theory; its foundation considers nutrition, activity, stress, relaxation, rest, and our environment as important aspects to health and well-being, and all of these aspects affect how clear we keep our body.

To illustrate this, consider a fish in a fishbowl. If the fish is sick, germ theory would say to give the fish medicine. Terrain theory would say to clean the fishbowl. Both germ theory and terrain theory would include offering the fish medicine AND cleaning the fishbowl.

This is something I'm going to continue to ponder over the coming months as I look into it more deeply. If this has peaked your curiosity, feel free to revisit, or visit for the first time, our Integral Assessment using the four dimensions of functioning to evaluate your current terrain!

All the best,

Linda Bark


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