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October 2021

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably noticed how divided and polarized our society has become. Without even being dramatic, we believe this is one of the most pivotal points in human history that will determine the fate of humankind as we know it.

As a society, we are currently arguing over masks/no masks, vaccinate/don’t vaccinate, social distance/don’t social distance, mandate/don’t mandate…and this is missing the bigger picture of what’s happening on a cultural level.

No matter what your stance is on any of the above topics, we know that divisive messaging and continued isolation are taking us in the wrong direction; they are from the Mental structure of consciousness that is stuck in duality. Our role here at Wisdom of the Whole is to focus on moving into the Integral Structure of Consciousness.

The Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy’s guiding principles have been part of our organizational culture for decades, and they couldn’t be more important to review than right now. Specifically:

  • All parts of the whole are important and need to be respected.
  • The world and all its citizens are like family. Human sovereignty would be placed above national sovereignty; however, national sovereignty would be respected and supported as well.
  • We could look at issues from a larger inclusive perspective—I, we, internal and external.

What happens when you contemplate or meditate on these principles and view what’s going on from the Archaic perspective (the Structure of Consciousness where ‘all is well’ and there is no separation)? What is your perspective when you view this from the Magic structure (where everything is energy and that we are connected)? What story do you want to assign to our current situation as you look from the Mythical perspective?

What messages come to you? Which structures, including the Mental, bring up fear? Which structures calm you or help you relax? What new information do you receive? How could you integrate your new perspective into daily life? How would you like to communicate with others moving forward?

Humanity is in the midst of an enormous transformation, and Wisdom of the Whole coaches value self-care and introspection; they have the tools to help themselves and others navigate through this time of heightened polarization. Our coaches can also help themselves and others be present in the moment, non-judgemental, and compassionate, while maintaining healthy boundaries. We believe this perspective can shift us into the Integral structure of consciousness.

If you are not familiar with our holistic/integral model, more information on the Structures of Consciousness can be found in our textbook here on Amazon.


All the best,

Linda Bark


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