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March 2019

Changes in this world are happening quicker than we think and it can be hard to adjust. It feels like chaos here in the United States. Political parties are pitted against one another, extreme weather is becoming the “new normal”, and stories of gun violence are populating the news. This in addition to personal issues, relationship issues, financial issues, and/or health issues that we (or those close to us) are experiencing, can add to a cocktail of instability mixed with fear with overwhelm.  

It’s up to us to create something different (and loving, and kind) out of the chaos…both in our inner worlds, personal lives, and in the world at large. We have the coaching skills and tools to make good, well-reasoned decisions from our thoughts, feelings, body wisdom, and inner callings. It could be as simple as responding to someone differently than we did the day before, or challenging ourselves to breathe deeply and stay open anytime we feel tension rise up in our bodies.

If you find yourself faced with a particular choice to make and at a loss for the answers, the Wisdom of the Whole® options tool can be a great exercise to open things up for you:

Step 1: Think of the issue at hand and the options you are trying to decide between. Ask yourself to name one option “A” and the other option “B.”

Step 2: Pick a physical place in the room to stand for option “A.” Pause and ask yourself what it would be like to experience option “A.”

Step 3: Ask yourself about the thoughts you are having, feelings, images, body sensations, and sense of purpose that occur as you “try on” option “A.”

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for option “B.”

Step 5: Find a new place in the room to stand and experience a third option not yet considered. Ask yourself what it would be like to experience this option. Repeat step 3.

Step 6: Reflect on what came up for you, and how you would like to move forward with your new awareness. 

This exercise expands our perspective; it gets us out of “either/or” thinking and into an integral viewpoint (which is vital when we are looking for new answers). Be well, and keep in touch with us on our main Facebook page here.  


Warm regards,

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy


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