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Guidelines for Using our Logo

October 2018

Some of our graduates have asked us about using our logo on their website when they start up a private coaching practice.If you are a graduate of our coach training program and would like to use our logo, we ask that you:

  • Do not alter or mimic our logo in any way, and only use our logo with the “Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy” wording in combination with our symbol, not our “integral” symbol alone. (The logo above is an example of what would be fine to use.)
  • Do not use our logo on any of your promotional materials. Examples: Brochures or flyers for courses, workshops, or coaching sessions. (Our logo cannot be used to indicate or infer we are endorsing or affiliated with a product or service that you offer.)
  • Only use our logo for the purpose of explaining where you obtained your coach training and/or your connection to Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy. Example: On an “About Me” page on your website that indicates you are a graduate of Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy LLC.
  • Only link the logo to our website, not to any other websites (linking the logo at all is not required however).
  • Refer to the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy LLC by our full name. Example: Do not state our name as “WOW.”
  • Understand that Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy LLC reserves the right to alter or terminate permission to use our logo if we feel you are not in compliance with these guidelines.

We will continue to review these guidelines, let you know of any future updates. Any questions on using our logo can be directed to


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