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Dealing with Grief

February 2024

Linda recently attended an in-person grief workshop and was struck by the rotary phones sitting on the table: they were invited to take turns and "phone" their deceased loved ones so that they could talk to them. Linda had lost 12 people in her circle recently and found the exercise to be helpful as well as healing.

The idea came out of a process in Japan; a garden-designer started to set up a phone booth in his garden after the death of a relative, which just happened to be soon before the earthquake and tsunami of 2011. After so many people lost loved ones in the tsunami, the gardener finished the phone booth and opened it up to anyone who wanted to "phone" loved ones who had passed. Now, many people from all over the world have used his 'wind phone'. Would you find it helpful to "phone" loved ones that you miss? There are now wind phones in many locations around the world.

Are you currently dealing with grief? We invite you to engage in a variety of grief processes and practices to heal from loss. If you would like additional support, we are also offering our specialty grief course for coaches this April. For more information, please click this link.


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