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Work-Life Balance

September 2023

Work-life balance can be tricky to maintain, particularly when we move into fall and get back into the swing of things after summer. Some of you may have children going back to school and you are dealing with an empty nest, or maybe you are going back to school yourself! Coaching is perfect to help you achieve balance; you can consider what is important to you, prioritize tasks, or help you figure out what might not need to be done at all. In fact, our ABC Prioritizing tool is perfect for this! (If you are not familiar with our Toolcards, you can check them on here.)

Calling in some extra support can also help you with more work-life balance. You might need to schedule a coaching session, or ask others for help instead of trying to do so much yourself. Delegating certain tasks might be in order. Here is a video you might enjoy on how to delegate so that it really works.

We hope you enjoy more work-life balance as we move into fall. Have a wonderful month.


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