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Staying Engaged in Your Experiment

April 2024

We've heard many expressions over the years, either about being on your "growing edge" and stretched like a rubber band, or about "getting out of your comfort zone", or to "get comfortable being uncomfortable" (among others). What this implies is that you need to experience some discomfort, fear or anxiety in order to expand, grow, adapt, or try new things.

Do you agree? Any new adventure or endeavor can also feel good, positive and exciting. If you are residing predominantly in the Mental Structure of Consciousness, it's natural to go into duality; this or that, yes or no. In the Integral, "the land of both/and," new adventures are often a delicate balance between being uncomfortable and comfortable. 

What's the secret to finding this balance? You have the answers within you (and finding a great coach can help you discover them!). In particular, this may involve using some extra discernment for resistance you encounter. It's helpful to think of your new endeavor as an experiment; walk down the new path a little bit and see what happens. Ask yourself: 

  • What thoughts am I having?
  • What feelings do I have?
  • What body sensations?
  • What images pop into my mind?
  • How is this aligned with my sense of purpose?

Keep asking yourself these questions as part of an internal feedback loop. This will help you stay engaged in your "experiment" and help you to adapt with ease and grace as you go further down your new path.

We also invite you to check out Linda's book: What Would you Like to Change?on, so that you can gain fresh perspectives, re-frame your thinking processes, and take action steps toward your goals with creativity and fun.


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