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Work-Life Balance
Work-life balance can be tricky to maintain, particularly when we move into fall and get back into the swing of things after summer. Some of you may have children going back to school and you are dealing with an empty nest, or maybe you are going back to school yourself! Coaching is perfect to help you achieve balance; you can consider what is important to you, prioritize tasks, or help you figure out what might not need to be done at all. In fact, our ABC Prioritizing tool is perfect for this! Read more...
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How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis
How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis In last month's newsletter we talked about how to narrow in on your coaching niche . Part of that involves conducting a competitor's analysis. This might be one of the most time intensive things to do, however it can be as complex or as simple as you like, and easily tracked with a spreadsheet or online template. To conduct a competitor analysis, you can follow these steps: Identify competitors: Make a list of coaches or coaching businesses that operate Read more...
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How to Narrow In on Your Niche
In last month's newsletter we talked about how to develop your coaching brand by focusing on your niche. Narrowing in on your niche seems to be one of the most difficult questions to answer for our coaches, so we thought it was important to expand on the topic this month. Read more...
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Happy Interdependence Day!
As many of you know, Dr. Linda Bark likes to celebrate Interdependence Day on July 5th each year (one day after Independence Day in the United States). Interdependence Day is a day to celebrate connection, collaboration, and working together to form the whole. Read more...
Press Release: Linda Bark Receives AHNA Lifetime Achievement Award
We are so happy to announce that our CEO and Founder Linda Bark has received theAHNA Lifetime Achievement Award! The American Holistic Nurses Association's Lifetime Achievement Award is to given to celebrate the outstanding lifetime achievement in the field of holistic nursing. It is a way of saying Thank you for all the holistic nursing work accomplished through sustained participation in AHNA and in advancement of the specialty practice of holistic nursing. The 2023 recipient of the Lifetime Achievemen Read more...

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