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Dr. Linda Bark on Being Well-Beings Podcast

March 2023

Dr. Linda Bark has recently been on the Being Well-Beings podcast, Episode 3: Coaching Pioneer Steadfastly Committed to Whole Health & Unity Consciousness Hosted by Lo Elizabeth Well-Being Coach, Mentor, Trainer, & Consultant; MA, NBC-HWC, RYT, PCC(ip), member of MINT.

In this episode, Lo got a momentous chance to sit down briefly with one of her earliest Coaching Mentors, Linda Bark, PhD, RN, MCC, NBC-HWC, NC-BC.  Lo had the opportunity to learn from Linda about 15 years ago in a graduate school level program when her Wisdom of the Whole approaches to holistic health Coaching that weaved in both somatic and integral psychology were considered quite cutting edge.  At that time, the health and wellness Coaching field was still fringe and evolving, yet Linda foreshadowed then that Coaching would be mainstream in healthcare and corporate systems within a decade...and, well, she was right!  Here in this chat they get to celebrate Linda's recent 80th birthday, and discuss some of Linda's experience, insight, and perspectives around the past, present, and future of the well-being field.

Links to the episode:

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