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The Multiple Perspectives of COVID

November 2020

As our alumni and students have experienced, our coach training has it’s foundation in Jean Gebser’s Structures of Consciousness, or ways of thinking and being. In simple and practical terms, this means looking at situations/scenarios/relationships etc. through multiple perspectives/structures.

The Archaic Structure: The perspective where all is well, where you are connected to all that you need. A place we try to inhabit when we meditate. All is one. There is no time or space.

The Magic Structure: The perspective where tribe is important. Intuition and sensitivity to energy is key in this structure. There is still a close connection to Source. There is little language. Ritual is richly used.

The Mythical Structure: The perspective where gods and goddesses are now in the sky and external to them. There is further separation from source. People become attuned to the sun and seasons. There is language. Story and myths describe what is happening.

The Mental Structure: There is even less connection to source or tribe or story and myths. These aspects are seen as unimportant and demeaned. This is where things are seen as material, devoid of energy. There is less connection with body as well. This is the place of lineal time and where logical, sequential thinking lives. Duality is rampant so things are good or bad, black or white, etc. Things are measured. People see pieces of the whole and in so doing are able to understand clearly how things work from a mechanical perspective. Cause and effect is key.

The Integral Structure: No longer is planning ahead so easy. People need to be in the moment and realize they are creating their own reality. There is a draw to be fluid and flexible and be able to access and utilize all the other four structures of consciousness almost as if they are translucently piled on each other. This is a place where all is one and everything affects each other. There is also a sense of separate (a perspective gained from the Mental Structure of Consciousness) as well as connection to source (part of the Archaic Structure of Consciousness). In this structure, people need to hold multiple realities at the deepest level of their being. People have left the duality of the mental. This is the land of AND. This structure calls for new paradigms for living and working together as has every other mutation that occurred before this big shift.

We invite you to consider the Coronavirus from each of these perspectives and journal what comes up for you. For example, when you consider the Archaic, how do you feel? Is there a sense that ‘all is well’? When you consider the Magic structure, what do you notice? Has it helped to gather with your “tribe” and connect with others to feel safe? When you consider the Mythical, would it be helpful for you to write a story about what kind of world you would like to live in?

When we focus on the Mental Structure and the Coronavirus, a great deal of fear can come up. The Mental does bring with it the idea that we are separate and have an individual ego. That is helpful if it is balanced by the other Structures in which we are part of Source, and connected with groups.

We aren’t asking anyone to disregard the Mental; it’s important to think logically and practically…however considering how you might incorporate the other structures might be useful to move out of fear or anxiety during this time of great change. This is why people are turning toward connection with Source via meditation or prayer, and/or calling in the support of their tribe, relatives, and ancestors. Being able to access all four Structures of Consciousness, or ways of being, is essential to balance as we move into the Integral.

All the very best,

The Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy


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