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Dealing with Grief and Loss

September 2022

Many of us have dealt with a tremendous amount of grief and loss of loved ones over the past few years.

It's common to feel a void that doesn't easily get filled after someone has passed; the person you miss is gone from this physical world. If we stay in the Mental Structure of Consciousness only, we can continue to feel completely disconnected from our deceased loved ones, and remain in a great deal of discomfort.

Many cultures and traditions don't view death with such finality; it's considered the next phase of a person's journey...often compared to going from one room to another, or the changing of one's clothes. Linda recalls a dream she had when a friend of hers passed away. In the dream, her friend was going from California to Nevada and Linda remarked "Oh, she's just changing 'states'!"

Feelings of grief and loss might be lessened if we maintain our feelings of connectedness when our loved ones are gone. Moving into the Archaic Structure of Consciousness and using meditation or prayer can be helpful. The Intuitive Structure of Consciousness offers inner knowing and insights into what's beyond this physical world. The Mythical helps us stay connected by telling stories and seeing images that relate to loved ones passed, similarly to how indigenous cultures spend time celebrating people who have died.

What do you do to feel connected to loved ones passed? Here are some holistic/integral coaching tools that may be helpful:

  • Journal your fondest memories of loved ones you are missing.
  • Walk in nature and contemplate the interconnectedness of all things big and small.
  • Find a quiet space and say the things you would like to say to someone you miss if they were physically there. Provide yourself with a time of silence afterward and notice what you sense/feel/intuit. Journal any insights you received from the exercise.
  • Do something to celebrate the lives of loved ones passed. Ask those around you if they would like to participate.
  • Identify how someone you miss has helped you become a better person, or how they have changed you or influenced you.
  • Create or hold a Sharing Circle with those who knew the person you would like to honor. A good question to start might be: "What is on your heart about the person who has passed?"

All the best,

The Wisdom of the Whole Team


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