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Compassion and Coaching

February 2017

February often brings up thoughts of love, hearts, and Valentine’s greetings; it’s the perfect time to talk about compassion…and more specifically, compassion and coaching.Compassion is a very useful coaching tool; it can help a coach be in a place of non-judgement during a coaching session. 

What might compassion look like for a coach, before or during a coaching session? It could be:

  • expressing kindness to oneself and to your client,
  • replacing negative inner dialog with positive dialog, or
  • experimenting with a loving kindness meditation.

And, what might compassion look like as we and our clients go out into the world? It could be:

  • not jumping to negative conclusions about someone or something,
  • extending kindness to others, or
  • expressing understanding for others, their perspectives, and the situations they might be in.

We hope you have a wonderful month filled with compassion.   


Warm Regards,  

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy


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