Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Holistic Coaching

If you are tired and frustrated with your job, know that we've been there. In fact, we've helped MANY people who are right where you are right now. You know that you want to make a change, but you don't know where to start... and there's so much risk involved!

Our program is based on an incredibly simple concept that has fueled our students on to do amazing things. Whether you are preparing to make the change to strengthen your patient relationships, improve your personal skills, and focus on the holistic mindset, the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy may be what you need to find success! There are tons of "coach in a box" training programs out there, but what most people don't know is how to address the WHOLE person. That's where we come in.

Using our proven training system, you'll be taking the right steps from day 1. And you won't only build incredibly powerful coaching skills quickly and effectively, but also create real advantages that take your work to a whole new level.

Here's what you get:

The Wisdom of the Whole Core Coaching Program

This is our LIFE CHANGING coaching program that has defined the success of our alumni for many years! We don't just give you the "high points" and hand you a list of buzz words to try to direct people. Instead, we give you the exact steps and skills it takes to implement meaningful coaching practices in your current role OR as a step in a new direction.

  • Setting the Foundation: the basic but ESSENTIAL details for guidelines & professional standards
  • Co-Creating the Relationship: our holistic, whole-person approach shines here! Learn how to establish trust and intimacy with your patients and colleagues. Make it look easy and 100% natural!
  • Communicating Effectively: Active listening, powerful questions, and direct communication skills will have you creating a POWERFUL, MEANINGFUL relationship with your clients that leads to REAL change.
  • Creating New Awareness: By discovering and uncovering mental shifts in awareness and motivations, you'll be able to empower your patients to see real GROWTH and SUCCESS!
  • Facilitating Learning and Results: We've done the work for you! Learn our concepts for everything your patients need to plan, manage, and track change that will have them feeling more confident than ever!

You'll discover the stages and maps of change as well as our mind, body, spirit coaching principles. This program WILL astound you!

Our Core Competency

  • 30 Contact Hours
  • Highly credentialed faculty providing live training
  • Discover new holistic/integral ways to work with your clients
  • Develop your intuition and listen at the body-level
  • Experience a sense of connection, depth, and community
  • Meet like-minded people who operate from an expanded awareness
  • Study from home at your own pace
  • Engaging study groups to keep you going
  • Wisdom of the Whole Textbook (printed book!)

Mastery Program

  • 60 total Contact Hours
  • The entire Core Competency Program
  • Advanced Tools Class: Going Deeper and Mastering Our Concepts
  • Revolutionary Practicum Process
  • Preparation for ICF, AHNCC, and ICHWC Certifications
  • Our 25 Advanced Coach Training Cards for on-the-go learning and reference
  • A second copy of our Wisdom of the Whole Textbook (a great gift for a friend or colleague!)

Here are all of the Fast Track bonuses you'll get!

Our SIGNATURE Advanced Tools Program

We are going to teach you the tenets of our signature coaching program. We are ALSO going to GIVE YOU THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO DO THE WORK! Our Advanced Tools Program brings the training to life with professionally developed tools and resources to make it fast and FUN to bring your coaching skill to life!

There are more than TWENTY coaching tools embedded in our integral model and we will present every one of them to you. Our unique perspective and hands-on approach will allow you AND your patients to look through multiple windows that facilitate DEEP exploration and facilitate CLEAR and SUCCESSFUL action.

Other coaching programs hide these tools away for their high-paying "executive" clients, but we're not going to do that to you. You'll have the tools, resources, and know-how to turn this teaching into action and accomplish your goals quickly, effectively, and profitably!

Our Interactive PRACTICUM Experience

Practice, Practice, Practice! We don't give you the training and then toss you out on your own to figure everything out. Nope! Instead, we're going to involve you in our distinguished, hands-on Practicum for our Core Coaching Courses! This is an interactive experience with useful and insightful feedback from our highly experienced, successful faculty. This is THE BEST WAY to practice meaningful and effective coaching that can be valuable and memorable to both you AND your clients!

33 Advanced Tools Card Deck

Our Advanced Tools flashcard deck includes 33 easy-to-use tool cards to make POWERFUL impacts with your patients and colleagues. Use our simple 1-to-10 Scale and Somatic Options! Discover Empowerment Language! Hone your Simple Dialog skills! These holistic, integral tools are oriented to be FANTASTIC partner materials for our coaching model!

Our Highly Reviewed Publication (real copies, NOT PDFs!)

The Wisdom of the Whole: Coaching for Joy, Health, and Success

Finally, you'll receive the textbook for our coach training program, "The Wisdom of the Whole: Coaching for Joy, Health, and Success" also by Dr. Linda Bark. This book received the 2012 AJN Book of the Year award in the Professional Development and Issues category!

BONUS UPDATE: We will include a SECOND copy of "The Wisdom of the Whole" for you to share with a friend!

"Yes, I am ready to begin my Nurse Coach Training Program AND receive all of the great bonuses!"

Our next courses start soon!

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