Professional and Personal Achievement

Professional and Personal Achievement

This is a professional journey as well as a personal one. Our graduates find increased job satisfaction and opportunities as well as richer, more meaningful personal relationships.

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Professional & Personal Achievement

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Professional & Personal Achievement Coaching Path

    • Foundations I (15-hours)

      This course will provide beginning skill training and practice from a holistic/integral perspective for:
        • Core coaching competencies from the International Coach Federation
            • Setting the Foundation: ethical guidelines and professional standards, setting coaching agreements


            • Co-creating the Relationship: establishing trust and intimacy, coaching presence


            • Communicating Effectively: active listening, powerful questions, direct communication


            • Facilitating Learning and Results: creating awareness, designing actions, planning and
              goal setting, managing progress and accountability


            • Stages and maps of change


            • Mind, body, spirit coaching principles


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Professional & Personal Achievement Success Stories:

Good, Solid, Effective Communication in Relationships

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy graduate and faculty member Michelle Bozeman RN, BSN, HNB-BC, shares how coaching has changed the way she communicates with others.

From Problem Solver to Being Present

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy graduate Ann Loth DNP, RN, ACNS-BC, APHN-BC, HWNC-BC shares how coaching has allowed her to be more present with her family.

Coaching in Kindergarten

Ginny Katz, MS, MSS
I’m a kindergarten teacher and spend my days with five- and six-year-olds. When they’re in an argument, and really in all aspects of their lives, they’re used to having adults intervene, and to counter this I spend part of my year allowing them to ask powerful questions to learn how to arbitrate their own disagreements. read more

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