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Bringing the Power of the Wisdom of the Whole® to Coach Training

Our centerpiece is the 30-Hour Core Competency Wisdom of the Whole® Coach Training program, which you can take in person and via teleclasses. There is also an option to add on another 30 hours of coach training for a total of 60 hours to fulfill requirements for Nurse Coach (NC-BC) and ICF Coach Certifications. We also have Master Classes to expand your coaching horizons and the Free Class which offers a taste of integral/holistic coaching. Tuition payment plans are also available for many courses.

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Our Coach Training Program offers…

• ICF core competency skill training
• A holistic/integral foundation
• Energy concepts
• Step-by-step coaching guidelines
• A personal constitution framework

• Transition and transformation concepts
• Time-tested, evidence-informed practices
• A companion text that explains philosophy and tools
• Coaching practice with faculty feedback

The real power and uniqueness of this time-tested coaching model comes from the multidimensional foundation and methods that invite coaches and their clients to look through multiple windows for exploration and action. This facilitates faster and more authentic change and reduces false starts and wrong turns.

This program invites and teaches you to function from an expanded awareness, which allows for a rich partnership to develop between you and your clients, fostering more joy, health, and success for both of you. Our multidimensional approach is not a hodgepodge of applications, but is based on a succinct, theoretical foundation that gives form to an extensive array of coaching interventions. Sometimes seeing a big picture is overwhelming; however this approach helps organize and connect the pieces. Dr. Linda Bark’s model has applied the concept of Structures of Consciousness from philosopher Jean Gebser in a way that creates a user-friendly, structured yet flexible framework to learn both the “being” and “doing” of coaching.

Courses & Training Options

30-Hour Course: Core Competency Coach Training
  • 18 live hours and 12 hours of self-paced online coursework to reinforce learning.
  • Become a WOW Certified Coach – After 30 hours of Core Competency Coach Training, you can apply for our certification.
  • Continuing Education for Nurses, & ICF Coaches.
  • Learn from anywhere! Choose from teleclasses or in-person training in Rochester, MN and San Francisco Bay Area, and Cleveland OH

60-Hour Course Bundle: Take All Three CoursesSave Money and Save Time with our 60-Hour, Three Course Bundle!

30-Hour Core Competency + Advanced Tools (15 Hrs) + Practicum (15 Hrs)
see below for details on course content

  • 60 CNE hours that can be applied towards Nurse Coach Certification* (NC-BC)
  • 60 CNE hours that can be applied towards Health and Wellness Nurse Coach Certification* (HWNC-BC)
  • 60 CNE hours that can be applied towards Holistic Nurse Certification*
  • 60 Coach Training hours available towards all levels of ICF Coach Certification (ACC, PCC, MCC)**
  • 60 hours available of ICF Continuing Coach Education***
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* Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 14276, for 60 contact hours. (Note for nurses outside the state of California: Please check with your individual state Board of Nursing whether California contact hours are accepted for your license renewal.)
**In order for any of the 60 hours to qualify for Coach Specific Training hours for ICF certification, all 15 hours of optional voice-to-voice teleclasses offered for the Advanced Tools Course must be taken.
*** In order to receive Continuing Coach Education units, at least 5 hours of optional voice- to-voice teleclasses for the Advanced Tools course must be taken.

To learn more about any course, click or touch the title bar of the course box.
30-Hour Core Competency

This live teleclass or in-person course covers time-tested core coaching skills based on evidence-informed practices that are embedded in our holistic/integral foundation. Using Jean Gebser’s Structures of Consciousness as a map, you will journey through the lands of the Mental, the Mythical, the Intuitive, and the Archaic to discover tools that invoke the richness of different ways of being, thinking, and doing for those you coach.

This course strategically utilizes an interactive online platform for basic content allowing you the freedom to work at your own pace before each class. Faculty led class time provides an opportunity for application and deep learning.

As you practice coaching with students and volunteers in and outside of class, your confidence will grow and you will begin your coaching career.

Teleclass Schedule:
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Advanced Tools (15-hours)

This course, available in online and live teleclass options, will present you with advanced tools, skills, and sensitivities based on our Wisdom of the Whole coaching model, which will enable you to carefully co-create an interactive, embodied conversation that will invite and encourage growth and progress for your clients.

You will learn how to use over 20 coaching tools embedded in
our integral model as well as group coaching which is a method so popular in the coaching field now.

Our unique perspective will allow you and your clients to look through multiple windows that facilitate deep exploration and facilitate clear and successful action.

If you want to have practice and mentoring in using these advanced
tools, sign up for our Practicum course, which is a live teleclass or in-person course.

Advanced Tools Schedule:
Online & optional teleclasses on Mondays at 4:30 p.m. Pacific time
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Practicum (15-hours)

This live teleclass is all about practicing coaching in a carefully created, safe, and nurturing environment. Faculty, all senior coaches, listen in class to students coach each other, to role plays, or to recorded coaching sessions that students bring in from their coaching experience. You will learn how to work with resistive, stuck, and ambivalent clients, along with other client and coaching challenges.

Practice, practice, practice with valuable and meaningful mentoring is the best way that coaches become more confident and learn to become better coaches. During this interactive course, you will enhance your ability to create the living, breathing, art and science of coaching and the interactive conversation that will invite and encourage your client’s growth.

Previous coach training is a prerequisite.

Upcoming Practicum Telecourses:
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Hear from Our Graduates

Deeper Relationship with my Patients

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy graduate and faculty member Susanne Cutshall, RN, DNP, APRN-CNS, APHN, HWNC, explains how coaching has provided her with greater job satisfaction in her role as a nurse.

Integrating Coaching within a Healing Arts Practice

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy graduate Diane Anderson, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, shares how she has integrated coaching tools within her healing arts practice.

The Freedom to Live & Work Anywhere

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy graduate and faculty member Courtney King, ACC, Intuitive Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, shares how coaching has provided her with an independent location lifestyle with the freedom to live and work from anywhere.

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The Wisdom of the Whole: Coaching for Joy, Health, and Success

Named an AJN 2012 Book of the Year

ALAMEDA, CA –Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy’s (formerly Bark Coaching Institute) course companion, “The Wisdom of the Whole: Coaching for Joy, Health, and Success,” has been recognized as one of the most valuable nursing texts—a panel of nurse experts judged it to be a 2012 AJN Book of the Year in the Professional Development and Issues category… Read Entire Press Release

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