Marching Forward

Marching Forward When You Get Bumps in the Road

When you hit a bump, a big bump, a bigger bump, or a bump of any size, what is your response? Do you get angry? Impatient? Do you want to quit? Do you want to find a coach?

Nowadays, it’s hard to find one person that isn’t dealing with challenges. It’s a time in history when there are extra bumps in the road; the old ways are collapsing as the new construction gets underway. It’s a lot to shoulder, and we need to take care of ourselves during this process.

Whether it’s a work problem, a health problem, relationship issue, or solving both the global environmental crisis while making sure your bills are paid, this is where we think the integral theory embedded in our coaching model can be so perfectly applied.

Here is what we mean: 
  • Coming from a mental, sequential, logical perspective can help us spot patterns, incongruencies, and give us increased awareness around our thoughts.
  • Coming from a mythical perspective, we can ask ourselves what the “story” is about our situation, wave an imaginary magic wand, and consider how we want our “story” to be different (and get us out of “stuck” thoughts).
  • Coming from an intuitive perspective, we can tune in to our inner landscape and see what our “gut instincts” or hunches are telling us.
  • Coming from an archaic perspective, we can foster our connection with sense of purpose and meaning. This informs our choices, decisions, and focus, as we move forward (and/or perhaps change course entirely, or gives us a second wind).

More than ever, we need to trust our intuition and gut feelings, and align with our purpose…while we continue to embrace our logical thinking minds. Combining all perspectives (the integral) will get us out of our current world paradigm and into something new.

As you “march forward” this month and encounter some bumps, we invite you to explore your:

  • thoughts,
  • feelings,
  • body wisdom/intuition, and
  • sense of purpose, values, and beliefs

…and take new action that will change yourself, and in turn, the world around you.¬†

Warm regards,
Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy 

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