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Intuitive Storytelling

Course Description
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Stories affect us in a powerful way. Mythic stories, with their symbolism and metaphors, can speak to our subconscious mind and help us understand where we are stuck, and how to move on.

Stories like this are becoming scarcer in the modern world, and yet we need them more than ever, as our unseen and unheard depths cry out for attention.

If you work in a healing capacity with clients or patients, you might already have found how catalytic the right story at the right moment can be, in helping someone understand their life situation better, or just to feel seen in a deep way. But how to find the right story at the right moment?

Intuitive Storytelling offers coaches, healers and those in the helping professions a unique way of supporting their clients and patients through difficult times.

It can also be a deeply nourishing way of connecting with your own intuition and creativity. Even if you do not work in a healing profession, by developing a relationship with your own “inner storyteller” you can give yourself another way of navigating life’s many challenges.

This course will teach you the basics of Intuitive Storytelling and give you the tools to begin creating simple Intuitive Stories, for your clients, or just for yourself.

We are all the inheritors of a tradition of storytelling that stretches back for many thousands of years. Wherever we trace our ancestry, we can know that our ancestors told stories: to transmit wisdom, to overcome grief, to celebrate life, to make sense of the universe. We all carry story deep inside of us, and the hunger for stories that speak to our inner life is something that only grows in our modern age. This course will open the door to that world of stories within.

We will cover the following topics:

• How to create simple metaphorical tales that can speak to the heart of any dilemma, for your clients, or for yourself.
• The two most effective techniques for receiving the stories your inner storyteller wants to tell you.
• The key to establishing a creative and collaborative relationship with your intuition.
• A simple and yet powerful practice that undoes perfectionism, allowing you to relax and be yourself while storytelling.

The workshop with Leo was fantastic! I´m not a experienced storyteller, but I learned so many useful things at the workshop. I was amazed that I was able to tell stories that made sense, after just one day. I have also used these techniques in an intuitive music concert, and in my writing process, and they have worked great! ~Marianne Jørgensen, Participant in 2011 in-person Intuitive Storytelling training with Leo in Oslo, Norway


Leo Sofer has been telling stories since 1989 and has developed Intuitive Storytelling as a way of accessing our inherent wisdom and expressing it in story form. He has worked with thousands of people over the last 25 years, telling stories and leading trainings in Intuitive Storytelling. For more about his work, go to

Course Details
What: Live Teleclasses – Call in from Anywhere!
Time: Saturday 9:00 am- 11:00 am Pacific Time/ 12:00 Eastern
Date: April 23rd, 30th / May 7th, 14th
Tuition: $295.00

Don’t delay, Class size is limited to 12 storytellers!