Inherited Behavior Patterns


Inherited Behavior Patterns

Course Description

Inherited Behavior Patterns through 4 Lenses: Ancestral, Parts Integration, Psychology, Neurobiology

This Master Course will explore inherited behavior patterns for self-awareness and self-reflection by looking through 4 different lenses:

  • Discussion of the science behind ancestral memory and ancestral trauma and the positive qualities of resilience, strength, talents and support towards greater joy and feeling of belonging in the world
  • Exploration and an exercise about parts integration
  • Cognitive Behavioral Psychology approach
  • Neurobiological aspects such as whole brain postures, Brain Gym, interrupting and creating neural pathways
  • Participants will be engaged in the learning process through interactive exercises and demonstrations

These lenses provide a unique approach to creating and eliminating inherited behavior patterns that participants can use with clients and themselves.

Health and wellness interventions can provide quality care and lasting behavioral change for clients. 

By addressing ancestral and neurobiological aspects of behavioral patterns, participants can see an interconnectedness that is a shared experience among all people.

We all have conscious and unconscious behavior patterns that influence us every day. We will explore belonging, support, strengths, and talents as well as limitations of ancestral memory through 4 lenses: 

  • The science behind ancestral memory
  • Parts integration
  • Cognitive behavioral psychology
  • Neurobiological pathways

Learning Objectives:
Purpose: The purpose of this class is to enable the learner to identify and address ancestral and neurobiological aspects of behavioral patterns, and offer tools for either changing or supporting these patterns.

Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to:

  1.  Describe one way one could feel supported by ancestral memory.
  2.  Define parts integration.
  3.  Define what a behavioral trigger is in cognitive behavioral psychology.
  4.  Describe one whole brain posture.

Course Details

Dates/Time: 2019 Dates to be Determined
4:30 p.m. – 6:30p.m. Pacific time  (7:30-9:30pm Eastern Time)
Location: Remote video conferencing classes using Zoom
Continuing Education Hours*: 8 CNE hours*
Prerequisites: None
Tuition: $495.00



Image of Dr. Linda BarkLinda Bark has always been interested in how and why people change. In her early nursing career, she focused on psychology for answers to these questions and in the 70′s completed a master’s degree in life transition counseling for an added perspective. During her PhD in philosophy and religion, she realized that her interest in change was really at the heart of her life purpose–helping to bring in the new integral paradigm. How could she help with this shift in consciousness? Her love for integral coaching was her answer and she focused on her teaching organization. Her model of coaching includes past skills and perspectives from earlier paradigms and invites people to transform into a new integral way of being.

Licia Berry is an author, artist, speaker, mentor and women’s advocate, Licia (pronounced LEE-SHA) Berry is known the world over as “The Guide to the Frontier Inside”. She has a passionate belief in women’s innate resilience and ability to transform challenges into spiritual growth. Her own life experience has led her to a lifelong inquiry into women’s sacredness and an ongoing quest to nurture women’s empowerment and reclaim the visibility of the sacred feminine in the world.  Licia is a 30-year veteran educator and practitioner with an international clientele in her private practice. Utilizing creative, neurobiological and shamanic approaches, Licia is a pioneer and leader of the Aquarian (or, partnered/power-with) movement. 

She is the Founder and Creator of the Daughters of Earth™ Women’s Leadership Institute, serving, nurturing and mentoring women leaders called to midwife the world into a new era. She is the author of the #1 international bestseller, I AM Her Daughter – the Healing Path to a Woman’s Power as well as other books, and travels full time to spread the message of equality, feminine/masculine partnership, and Whole Brain Leadership along with her husband.  She can be reached on social media and on her websites and

*The continuing education provider is Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, LLC. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 14276, for 8 contact hours. (Note for nurses outside the state of California: Please check with your individual state Board of Nursing whether California contact hours/units are accepted for your license renewal.)

Cancellation Policy: 75% refund up to three weeks before course starts. 25% refund during the three weeks before course starts. No refund once course begins.

Please Note: This class is offered as a Master Class separate from the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy’s 60-hour core program and is not approved for ICF coach training hours.