Impact The Way You Help And Serve

We promise to profoundly impact the way you help and serve others.

Wisdom of the Whole will introduce you to a powerful new paradigm that demonstrates the value of coaching people rather than telling them what to do. Our coach training is based on research, experience, and time-tested behavior change models for you to begin applying in your work today.

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The Wisdom of the Whole® coach training program content is based on 50 years of combined experience in nursing, leadership, management, organizational development, and exposure to a variety of cultures and modalities. It is a sophisticated combination of practical skills and best practices that work.

This coach training will put you on the cutting edge in two ways:

1. It will impact your planning and thinking at any level of management and leadership from the senior level to the unit and team level. When looking at strategy, our integral model helps you look at the whole picture and move from duality (either/or) thinking to inclusion (both/and). Thus, it prevents having to reevaluate, change, regroup, rethink, and head in a new direction repeatedly as you will have more broadly assessed and planned, saving you time and money.

Brilliant leaders excel at integrative thinking and an integrative coaching model takes them to that new level by helping them:

• Hold opposing ideas in their mind at once
• Resist simplicity
• Embrace messiness and complexity
• Ask powerful questions that elicit new approaches
• Look beyond obvious considerations
• See a problem from its whole
• Listen carefully to what is going on
• See what is working and celebrate success

2. It will impact your relationships, both horizontally and vertically. This coaching model comes from a learning approach and is based on mutual respect, non-judgment, seeing the other as competent and skilled. As a foundation, this approach effectively enrolls and engages staff.

After analysis of a survey of 80,000 managers conducted by the Gallup Organization, Marcus Buckingham, a leadership/management consultant, states he found one quality that truly sets great managers apart from the rest–they see the whole person and discover what is unique about that person and capitalize on it. This is the essence of the integral coaching model. Skillful coaching interaction helps recruit better and builds job satisfaction, increases retention and builds a healthier culture.

“Think Different.” “…the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs

Whether you choose to work as a coach or not, Wisdom of the Whole coach training teaches you new ways to interact with people, and enables you to ask great questions, bring new dimensions to your work, and find richness even in your daily routine. This coaching training invites you to engage in deeper conversations with your work colleagues, clients, friends and family. Specific concepts taught in the coach training program help you and those around you to feel engaged, and move toward goals efficiently and authentically while having fun at the same time.

In this coach training program you really learn how to coach. This course saves you time and provides you with the content you need to coach…now. The integral coaching tools taught in the course provide learners with efficient ways to help clients and colleagues make their own decisions and authentically move toward their goals.

Whether you are a busy executive, a front-line supervisor, a business owner, or a human resources representative, coaching is a crucial skill for creating a new paradigm for leadership that includes deep listening. This course teaches the value of tapping into intrinsic motivation of individuals, and creating a work environment where people feel supported, confident, and able to come up with innovative solutions to old problems.

Wisdom of the Whole coaches learn how to embody integral theory and will emerge from the coaching program with holistic and integral coaching tools to assist clients in owning and reaching their goals faster and more authentically, preventing wrong turns and moving through roadblocks and challenges in the process.

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy teaches you how to tap into the inner motivations of your clients so they can set self-derived goals and next steps toward the changes they want to see in their work and lives.

Class topics are supported with coaching experience, research from Self Determination Theory, and coaching outcomes studies. The differences between coaching and consulting are also discussed in class and examples on the art of weaving information and advice with active listening, asking powerful questions, and supporting the client to tap into their own inner wisdom are provided.

With the unique coaching questions in the Wisdom of the Whole coaching program, you can begin to coach clients quickly and on the spot for powerful changes your clients can integrate into their busy work and personal lives. Furthermore, once you become well versed in integral theory, you will know how to support clients in tapping into all parts of self and to recognize their inner knowing, for clear, quick assessments, and decision making.

This course teaches you to use a time-tested, practical step-by-step process based on 30 years of work in the coaching field by our founder, Dr. Linda Bark. The Wisdom of the Whole companion text is provided to everyone who signs up for the course along with additional supplemental materials to refer to during classes, and in-between classes. Our instructors love learning too, and create an environment that encourages discussion and reflection.

The Wisdom of the Whole coaching method is unique because it teaches people tools for tapping into deeper levels of awareness that have been hidden from them and enhances their capacity to problem-solve from a subtle, and often more potent level. It can also help people step outside of themselves and look more objectively at a situation, reducing that sense of overwhelming personal responsibility, and lessening personal anxiety.

Teaming with others can take some of the pressure off us as individuals. The more effective you are in developing listening and coaching skills, the better your interpersonal interactions will be when working in teams. The Wisdom of the Whole integral tools and holistic approach allow teams to work more effectively by encouraging people to lead with their strengths, and feel heard and understood.

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