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Company: HR Coach International
Position: Coaching Industry Partner
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area

Who We Are

HR Coach International is an established network of like-minded business professionals providing solutions to organisations across all industries. In addition, HR Coach International is supported by leading professional service providers and mentors. Founded in 2000 we have been leaders in this flourishing industry. We have a track record of success and have built a reputable and trusted brand. Despite this, the market continues to see substantial growth for the decade ahead.

The Market Need

Many organisations are experiencing a shift in people management priorities and they need help. Employees are the biggest expense to business and the biggest source of concern for business owners. The lack of effective employee management planning and practices reduces the sustainability and growth organisations. This in turn robs them of their true potential for success. They need practical, proactive business solutions that make a real difference to the bottom line. They need a HR Coach.

Your Opportunity

Providing Business and HR Coaching is one of the fastest growing business opportunities. HR Coach International is at the forefront of this emerging market being recognised nationally (in Australia) in 2010 for the model and the contribution the network makes to the community. HR Coach International offers independence, true flexibility and is backed by the HR Coach Research Institute and fully supported by proprietary technologies and protected coaching methodologies. HR Coach International is seeking Network Members to drive the growth of the group in the USA. As a Network Member you will be provided with oppportunities for certification, a comprehensive range of products and services to become a part of an international network of like-minded professionals. This proven model has grown to boast over 120 members in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Canada. This is an opportunity to be a part of the grow of the network in the USA. You will effect positive, lasting changes for businesses across a range of industries.

Join an International Network of Peers

 HR Coach is a professional development Membership model, providing you with support and strategies to build your business. This is a chance to build upon the success of the HR Coach International Group and make a difference in the North American region.

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