Health and Wellness Practitioners

Health and Wellness Practitioners

We can help you enhance your existing skills, expand your current practice, increase your ability to succeed in business, provide the support of becoming a Certified Coach, all while being on a journey of personal discovery. 

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Health & Wellness Practitioners

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Health & Wellness Practitioners Coaching Path

    • Foundations I (15-hours)

      This course will provide beginning skill training and practice from a holistic/integral perspective for:
        • Core coaching competencies from the International Coach Federation
            • Setting the Foundation: ethical guidelines and professional standards, setting coaching agreements


            • Co-creating the Relationship: establishing trust and intimacy, coaching presence


            • Communicating Effectively: active listening, powerful questions, direct communication


            • Facilitating Learning and Results: creating awareness, designing actions, planning and
              goal setting, managing progress and accountability


            • Stages and maps of change


            • Mind, body, spirit coaching principles


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Foundations 2B
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Health & Wellness Practitioner Success Stories:

Coaching Empowers Acupuncture Patients

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy graduate and team member Ruth Tongen Eaton RN, NC-BC, LAc, SPHR shares how she has used her coaching skills to empower acupuncture patients.

Health Education and Health Coaching, the Dynamic Duo!

Paula Szloboda, RN, NI, MA, MBA, Therapeutic Chef
I’ve provided health education as an expert, in my position as a registered nurse, and also from the position of health educator/health coach and therapeutic chef specializing in nutrition. In this realm I find a combination of coaching and consulting to be most effective. read more

Integrating Coaching within a Healing Arts Practice

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy graduate Diane Anderson, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, shares how she has integrated coaching tools within her healing arts practice.