Grief Coaching Call

Coping with Grief During the Holidays
As a way of honoring the Grief Process, we have put together a 1 hour recording with some of our Faculty members who are coaches and grief coaches.  Access to this recording is free and it is yours to keep. We also hope you will share it with others who you know are coping with a loss right now. Please help us spread some peace and good grief to our friends and family.

Grief Coaching Call

    We know right now can be a wonderful time of celebrations, family, and traditions. It can also be a confusing and painful time for those of us who are coping with grief. Grieving has many causes and takes many forms: whether you are dealing with a death of a person, the loss of a beloved pet, a divorce or parting of ways, a change in health, or a loved one in the dying process, the cheery sparkly face of the holidays can create a stark contrast to our profound sadness. We at Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy wanted to give back by offering some comfort, coaching, and ways of coping to help you get through this time of year.

Would you like to follow up with a Grief Coach personally?
Susan Matsubara and Barb Schroeder, two of the contributors of our “Coping During the Holidays” recorded session, are professional grief coaches who support their clients through the grieving process. This coaching is not offered through Wisdom of the Whole Academy, and we are happy to pass along their contact information so you can see what they’re all about and contact them directly should you wish to work with them.

Barb Schroeder, Grief Coach, can be reached at: 
Email: [email protected]

Susan Matsubara, Holistic Grief Coach,  can be reached at:
Phone: (925) 500-8140
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  • Thanks for posting this – I know that many people suffer in silence during the holiday season… It is nice to have a caring message and gentle reminder that it is OK to be sad and remember our loved ones. I am thankful for the Wisdom of the Whole for putting this out on the web.

  • So rich…so many aspects presented…very holistic/integral presentation…thanks for your expertise and sharing this valuable information…appreciate the meditation as well…BRAVO AND THANKS, Linda

  • This grief coaching recording was a wonderful gift to me and my family during the holidays. Now that it is the two years memorial mark of my son’s passing, I again enjoy this gift and the comfort it provides.
    Thanks to all the staff that helped put this together.
    Margaret Brown