Graduate Q & A: Jacquelyn Atkins

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This month, we are featuring Wisdom of the Whole graduate Jacquelyn Atkins. Jacquelyn supports women entrepreneurs to discover and communicate their true message. A natural healer, her career has spanned from physiotherapy to energy healing, positive living coordinator in aged care to holistic life coach. Her passion is connecting women with their true essence and helping them to express that to the world.   
Jacquelyn completed her Wisdom of the Whole Coach Training last year, here is what she had to say in a recent Q&A: 
What was the reason you originally came to Wisdom of the Whole?
I had given up my career as a physiotherapist because I was spending so much time traveling between the UK (where my husband is), and my home in Australia, which made having a permanent job impossible! I decided I wanted to study life coaching because I could work online and be located anywhere in the world; I also wanted to do a course that was ICF certified. I browsed many coaching websites, but none of them resonated with me. I was searching for a school with authenticity and heart. As soon as I began to read the Wisdom of the Whole website and the information on Gebser’s Structures of Consciousness, I knew I had found a coaching academy that spoke my language. (I think it was when I read the word “intuition” because as an energy healer, my connection to my intuition is strong and the foundation of my work.)
What made you decide to sign up for the coach training?
Exactly that! As soon as I found the 60-hour program, I knew I had to do it. And once I make up my mind, nothing stops me! The timing was perfect for me to sign up for the January class AND get the Holiday Special. It felt like one of those wonderful synchronicities of life where you find yourself exactly where you need to be at the right time.
How has the coach training changed your life (both personally and professionally)?
Oh my gosh, where do I begin? Personally it has made me a much better communicator, and my ability to listen carefully and really hear the other person has brought greater depth and understanding to all my relationships, but especially with my husband. I find I am much less likely to judge and instead hold a sense of curiosity about why others think and act the way they do.
Professionally my whole world has changed! It hasn’t happened overnight, but when I look at where I was this time in 2016, … Click to Read More.
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