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Curious about coaching and wondering about our holistic coaching model? Please join us for a free one-hour demonstration of our unique coaching style. Our team hosts a lively free class that is fun, interactive, and informative.  One volunteer on the call will receive a complimentary, personal coaching session during this live event!

Register today for the call on:

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 4:30 PM PT/7:30 PM ET

Los Angeles 4:30 PM PDT

New York 7:30 PM EDT

Sydney, Australia 10:30AM AEDT

Buenos Aires 8:30PM ART

Hong Kong 7:30 AM HKT

Session Details
  Zoom Video Conference (Log in or call from anywhere-no Zoom experience needed!)

Cost: Free! This is an opportunity to see our model and evaluate our program.

Register for the next live Coaching Demonstration below and we'll email (or text) you with the date, time and log in info.

Watch a recording of one of our previous Coaching in Action Calls below and see the magic!

Community Sharing Circles

I would like to gather our community monthly in a Sharing Circle. Our goal is to remind everyone that we are connected and belong to a community that does care about how we are all doing. Moving into the new integral paradigm is difficult but, as they say, practice makes perfect! We want to support each other in this process of dealing with Covid-19 and looking at deep rooted injustices. Join us!

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Linda Bark