Featured Graduate Tracie Walser

Tracie J Walser DNP.jpg

My career in nursing spans 20-plus years and includes roles in clinical practice, teaching, research, and nurse coaching. My bedside nursing practice has a strong foundation in the Emergency and Trauma setting. I credit this experience and a significant amount of reflection on what changed my professional and personal trajectory, gravitating toward holistic nursing and the coaching profession. As a front- line witness to the impacts of chronic disease and stress, I wanted to empower those around me to invest in and improve their well-being. I hoped to help my patients and peers, as I saw so many struggling with their physical and mental wellness.

In 2015, I became a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association to seek out holistic resources and collaboration. Being a part of this community is where I first learned about the Wisdom of the Whole (WOW) Coaching Academy. When I reviewed the WOW website and researched the practice of coaching, I immediately knew this way of communication and presence would be a vital piece for my evolving career. What I didn’t realize until I attended the WOW coach training was how truly valuable the tools of coaching were, not only professionally but personally. Click here to continue reading.

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