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Our centerpiece is the 60-Hour Coach Training Bundle Wisdom of the Whole® Coach Training program, which you can take in person and via teleclasses. This course fulfills requirements for Nurse Coach (NC-BC), ICF and NBC-HWC Coach Certifications. We also have Specialty Coaching Classes to expand your coaching horizons and the Free Class, which offers a one-hour taste of integral/holistic coaching. Tuition payment plans are also available for many courses.

Our Coach Training Program offers:

• ICF core competency skill training+

• A holistic/integral foundation

• Energy concepts

• Step-by-step coaching guidelines

• A personal constitution framework

• Transition and transformation concepts

• Time-tested, evidence-informed practices

• A companion text that explains philosophy and tools

• Coaching practice with faculty feedback

The real power and uniqueness of this time-tested coaching model comes from the multidimensional foundation and methods that invite coaches and their clients to look through multiple windows for exploration and action. This facilitates faster and more authentic change and reduces false starts and wrong turns

Course Descriptions

Core Competency (30-hours)

This live teleclass or in-person course  covers time-tested core coaching skills based on evidence-informed practices that are embedded in our holistic/integral foundation. Using Jean Gebser’s Structures of Consciousness as a map, you will journey through the lands of the Mental, the Mythical, the Intuitive, and the Archaic to discover tools that invoke the richness of different ways of being, thinking, and doing for those you coach.

This course strategically utilizes an interactive online platform for basic content allowing you the freedom to work at your own pace before each class. Faculty led class time provides an opportunity for application and deep learning.+

As you practice coaching with students and volunteers in and outside of class, your confidence will grow and you will begin your coaching career.+

Advanced Tools (15-hours)

This course, available in online and live teleclass options, will present you with advanced tools, skills, and sensitivities based on our Wisdom of the Whole coaching model, which will enable you to carefully co-create an interactive, embodied conversation that will invite and encourage growth and progress for your clients.

You will learn how to use over 20 coaching tools embedded in our integral model as well as group coaching which is a method so popular in the coaching field now.

Our unique perspective will allow you and your clients to look through multiple windows that facilitate deep exploration and facilitate clear and successful action.

If you want to have practice and mentoring in using these advanced tools, sign up for our Practicum course, which is a live teleclass or in-person course.


Practicum (15-hours)

This live teleclass  is all about practicing coaching in a carefully created, safe, and nurturing environment. Faculty, all senior coaches, listen in class to students coach each other, to role plays, or to recorded coaching sessions that students bring in from their coaching experience. You will learn how to work with resistive, stuck, and ambivalent clients, along with other client and coaching challenges.

Practice, practice, practice with valuable and meaningful mentoring is the best way that coaches become more confident and learn to become better coaches. During this interactive course, you will enhance your ability to create the living, breathing, art and science of coaching and the interactive conversation that will invite and encourage your client’s growth.

Previous coach training is a prerequisite. 

Specialty Courses for Advanced Learning

These courses dive deep into special areas of interest and come from the rich integral/holistic perspective that you have come to expect from us. We regularly rotate and add new Specialty Coaching Classes so please check back here for the full schedule. These courses are open to anyone unless stated otherwise.


Already a coach or preparing to take the ICF or Nurse Coach Certification Exam? This Specialty Coaching Class will help you fulfill mentoring requirements for certification as well as hone your coaching skills. This a 3-month, 8-hour course.

Integrative Imagery

Do you appreciate the power of imagination? Looking for formal training in Guided Imagery? This course will teach you powerful tools and techniques you can use with your clients and for yourself. Each 2 hour teleclass consists of 1 hour of instruction and 1 hour of demonstration. Join instructors Susan Ezra and Terry Reed for this rich and exciting course

Oncology Coaching

Explore innovative approaches to oncology coaching from a holistic, integral perspective that is drawn from our collective interest and experience in the oncology field. We will explore each phase of a cancer journey (diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment) and link major tools to use for each structure of consciousness. This transformational journey is led by Kathy Moehling & Kathleen Colloton. Offering 8 CNE units

Customer Navigator – Business Mastery

We have teamed up with the ladies at Wide Awake Business to offer our graduates a unique business course! This course is offered year-round with weekly support from experts, time-saving resources & tools so you don’t have to figure it out yourself! PLUS, insights, guidance and mentoring for swift answers to your marketing, sales and business questions and challenges.

Nurse Coach Exam Prep

Studying for the Nurse Coach Exam? Let us help you with that. Led by WOW Faculty members Kathy Moehling and Marian Long, these Board Certified Nurse Coaches will help you prepare for the exam with resource materials that were created based on the core competencies of Nurse Coaching. The pass rate of our course participants is extremely high, so you can walk into the exam with confidence!

Nutritional Coaching

Coaches and Nurse Coaches are very much needed to help clients effectively make diet and lifestyle changes that support health. This is an impactful and lucrative field of coaching, and you will be well-positioned to make a difference with this work.

* Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 14276, for 60 contact hours. (Note for nurses outside the state of California: Please check with your individual state Board of Nursing whether California contact hours are accepted for your license renewal.)**In order for any of the 60 hours to qualify for Coach Specific Training hours for ICF certification, all 15 hours of optional voice-to-voice teleclasses offered for the Advanced Tools Course must be taken.*** In order to receive Continuing Coach Education units, at least 5 hours of optional voice- to-voice teleclasses for the Advanced Tools course must be taken.+