Congratulations to our newest Nurse Coaches

The following Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy graduates have passed their certification examination through the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation (AHNCC). We congratulate you on your accomplishment and look forward to hearing great things from our graduates about their continued growth as Nurse Coaches!!
Fall 2016 Exam
Kim Compton
Honor Edwards
Kathryn Head
Lauren Lucas
Rosalyn Reynolds
Kim Thompson
Teresa Walding
Spring 2017 Exam
Glenn Gangano
Angela Hamm
Rose Hosler
Rhonda Kantor
Sherri Mathews
Annette Meinzer
Elaine Neiberding
Leslie Ruprecht
Jane Wengert
Teresa Wilson
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  • I’m also aware that Dana Youssef and Tami Riley passed the exam in Spring, 2017. (and little thing… my last name follows the old I before E except after C rule… Nieberding. ho ho hahaha 😀 )