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What Scares You?

October 2022

Halloween is quickly approaching, and yes, the associated "ghosts and ghouls" and eerie decorations can be scary (and all in good fun), however it's prompted us to contemplate the subject of fear in more depth. Have you ever sat down and written out all the things in life that scare you? Do you go through your days dealing with a continual undercurrent of fear?  

When we are in the Mental Structure of Consciousness it's easy to be scared because there is so little connection to Source. The Mental Structure is not a "bad" place to be, however in the Mental Structure something has to be seen to be believed. This eliminates connection to Source, Magic, synchronicities, healing, and intention.

When we are in the Mythical Structure of Consciousness we have stories (and Halloween has lots of scary stories!). When people are in fear they have little ability to change their stories or see new possibilities. The Mythical can help to reduce states of fear enough to see more positive options, and/or ask for support. There is some separation from Source in this Structure, however there is still a connection present.

When we are in the Intuitive/Magic Structure of Consciousness we are connected to other aspects of ourselves that have a deep knowing. We can tap into our body wisdom, nature, and use ritual. We can use breath, visualizations, affirmations, and positive intentions to bring us out of states of fear. There is less separation from Source in this Structure.

The Archaic Structure of Consciousness is where we feel connected to Source and that all is well. Time in meditation, contemplation or prayer can calm us and bring us peace. Finding meaning and purpose in life can also help dissolve fear.

For this month, we invite you to try the below exercise for releasing fear:

  1. Write out everything that scares you, big and small.
  2. Look at your list and choose which fear you would like to focus on in order to release.
  3. Pick a coaching tool from either the Mythical, Intuitive, or Archaic Structures to help you bring new awareness around that fear. (Examples of this could be engaging in dialog with the fear, using ritual to transform the fear, or using the magic wand to change a story around fear, etc.)
  4. Carry out the coaching tool by yourself, or with a coaching buddy.
  5. Journal your reflections, consider what homework (if any) you would like.
  6. Choose another fear from your list when you are ready (and continue down your list as much as you like) and repeat steps 3-5.

It's important to embrace all Structures of Consciousness as we move into the Integral so that we can release what scares us and create the lives we truly want to live.

We wish you a wonderful month.

All the best,

The Wisdom of the Whole Team


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