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Getting More and More Candles on your Birthday Cake?

April 2022

...Maybe it's time to get some coaching on plans for the future!

As we age and our needs change, it's important to put plans together for a path forward. Coaching is perfectly suited for times of transition; here are some examples of decisions Linda and her friends have made for their older years, through the use of coaching:

  • Linda moved to North Carolina to be part of Earthhaven Ecovillage. It had been a dream of hers for many years, and something she had planned on doing when the time was right to leave the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Five years ago, friends of Linda's placed themselves on a wait list for an assisted living community. They are now at the top of the list and deciding if it's the right time to sell their home.
  • One couple is moving to a different state and setting up an intentional family community so that the husband can receive the care he needs if his chronic health condition deteriorates.
  • A friend has realized living in a rural setting is now too much to handle, and will be moving to where she can be just blocks away from friends and a grocery store.
  • Another couple have moved into a tiny home on their parent's property so that they can live independently while they care for their parents, and their parents can stay in their home awhile longer.

These life changes and life choices can be difficult, but preparing for them makes it easier...and coaching can help with that! Even if you are not in your older years, I invite you to consider the following questions:

  • What is your vision for your older years?
  • What options for your older years sounds the most appealing?
  • What options are the most realistic?
  • What are some resources you can explore?
  • What can you do to start planning now?
  • If you are in your older years, what will help you feel secure and cared for?

All the best,

The Wisdom of the Whole Team


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