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Fun and Easy!

October 2016

Our Founder and CEO Dr. Linda Bark often shares a motto of “fun and easy” in the classes she teaches. It doesn’t necessarily mean the subject matter is lightweight, but that it can be enjoyable, and doable within the context of our busy lives. Educators often look at how to combine playfulness with challenge to create environments for substantial learning (Shernoff & Csikszenthmihalyi, 2009), and there is even research on the appropriate and positive use of humor for creating more relaxed learning environments (Banas, et al. 2011).

Linda recalls a time when she was presenting to a group, and she asked them to pick fun and easy homework. Someone asked “What does fun and easy mean?” The concept was so foreign to many in the group that Linda started explaining it further. She said it means that many of us are not allowing ourselves pleasure; we think that learning and work have to be hard. However, creativity and innovation are sometimes greatest when we allow our minds to explore and enjoy the journey. We can really benefit from pondering the question: “How can I make this project/task more fun?” and/or “What would make this work easier and more enjoyable?”

An example of this could be someone faced with answering a backlog of emails, something many of us can relate to! Making a game out of it can change how you feel and change the entire experience of it for that matter! “Fun and easy” ideas, such as giving yourself prizes, taking special breaks after reaching a certain goal, remembering your sense of humor, and putting new systems in place to reduce email volume, can all help the task(s) at hand become less daunting and stressful. We can become more productive and feel better too!

This idea of making work “fun and easy” can often be observed in our younger counterparts. Children have a unique ability to make a game out of the smallest things and really enjoy their daily experiences; they have such a zest for life! As we approach this holiday season in November and December, let’s take some cues from the kids around us, and REALLY ask ourselves: “How can I make life this holiday season more fun and easy?”

Warm Regards,
Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy

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