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What is Integral Coaching, REALLY?

August 2016

How can we talk about Integral Coaching with Others?
How can we talk about an integral coaching model with others in a way that makes sense? To start a conversation describing Jean Gebser’s Structures of Consciousness might not help keep it simple either, particularly when some people aren’t very clear about what coaching is in general!

Here is one way we describe it:

Our integral coaching model collects the more subtle information we all get as human beings. Sometimes we don’t know how to collect that information, name it, or pay attention to it. Integral and holistic coaching helps us gain deeper awareness around those aspects that our bodies, minds, souls, and environments are telling us. Logically we can go back and forth trying to make a decision, and when we stop to collect information from our “additional places,” our decisions are much more aligned with who we are as whole people in a particular environment. It’s what distinguishes us from many other coaching programs; we don’t leave any parts of our “selves” or what surrounds us out. Our clients maintain the “lead” in coaching sessions, and are driven by their intrinsic motivation; something much more powerful than a coach telling a client what “should” motivate them! The coaching model respects those subtle boundaries, and puts all those discussions of “patient/client autonomy” into action.

We believe the more people that consciously acknowledge and work with all parts of themselves will become truly inspired, healthy, fun, and balanced, to change the world for the better!


Warmest regards,

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy


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