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Creativity and Coaching

May 2024

The reason why Linda has been coaching for 34 years is that it is such a creative experience. She is always wondering how to include the Structures of Consciousness in coaching sessions, how to include spiritual/life purpose aspects, intelligence, imagery, imagination, intuition, body sensations, sense of purpose, personal values, critical thinking, sequential learning...and the kitchen sink to help her clients move toward their goal(s).

Recently, Linda coached multiple people within the same 24-hour period who were all feeling blocked. Each time, she invited her client to stand up and use imagery to picture the "block" because it's a very creative way to deal with situations where clients feel stuck or impeded. This multidimensional process allows clients to observe the situation in a more neutral way; they witness it without being in it. This helps them to come up with solutions and new awareness that they could not obtain from simply talking about the issue in a logical/sequential way.

Here are some additional creative exercises for you to explore a situation where you feel stuck or blocked:

  • Tune into body messages. This is a creative way to deepen your awareness and gain new insights.
  • Take a breath. This stimulates your creativity and helps you come up with new ideas because the body and the mind connect with the breath.
  • Get up and move around the room. Find a spot where you feel drawn to and then take note of your body sensations, thoughts, images, and meaning that come to you. This helps you move out of mental-only processes and gain fresh perspectives.
  • Stand up and embody the situation like you are trying something on and feel it in your body. This helps you tune into your body wisdom.

Experimenting with any of the above exercises helps move you out of the Mental Structure, and into the spiritual, energetic, or the Mythical ways of knowing. This can help you broaden or change your perspective, allowing for new paths forward. 


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