Auditing for Alumni


Course Auditing for Alumni

Auditing Course Details

Are you a Wisdom of the Whole graduate interested in refreshing your integral coaching approach?

Wisdom of the Whole offers Course Auditing for our Alumni. This is an affordable way for our graduates to review coaching core competencies and tools as well as practice their skills.
Auditing allows our graduates to listen in on teleclasses without participation in the discussion or activities. This is a great resource to help you prepare for certification exams, including our very own Wisdom of the Whole Certified Coach exam. While you gain knowledge, you are NOT required to complete homework assignments or any online coursework.

All Access – All Three Courses
Our auditing options include many levels of review. Our most complete review package is for the entire 60-Hour program which include Teleclasses and online content for all three courses: Core Competecy, Advanced Tools, and Practicum.
Tuition –  $395.00.
Registration – Click here to see our current Take-All-Three Course options (both in-person and teleclasses). Scroll to the bottom and click the Register Now! button.

All Access – 30-Hour Core Competency Course
If you only want to review the core competencies, you can choose to attend teleclasses and review our online content. This option is dependent upon the regular teleclass and in-person training schedules.
Tuition – $250.00
Registration – Email us to register

Minimum Access
For a more flexible auditing opportunity, choose our Online Content Only option. Choose either Core Competency, Advanced Tools, or Practicum.
Tuition – $95.00 each course
Core Competency – click here to register
Advanced Tools- Click here to register.
Practicum- Email us to register.

Please note, as an auditor you are not required to purchase any textbooks or complete course assignments. Core Competency auditors will not be paired with a dyad partner or student advisor. You will not receive continuing education units nor a certificate of completion for any course that you audit. All auditing options offer 90 day access to the online course materials.