5 Reasons Why Coaching is a Hot Topic

Twenty years ago not very many people had even heard of “coaching” outside of its traditional sports application. These days, this new profession, which could very well be the answer to many of our current problems, is experiencing incredible growth and quickly becoming a hot commodity throughout many industries, such as business, education, and healthcare.
Business coaching and life coaching were the first coaching specialties to really take off and emerge as distinct professions over the last few decades. Because of their success, coaching continues to grow and find new niches in different industries across the board.

For example, in the last decade of transitions and changes to the U.S. healthcare system, health and wellness coaching has become a very hot topic. A recent Huffington Post article explored some of the different ways that health and wellness coaching has grown:
1. People are advocating for health coaching.
  • The U.S. Senate just passed a resolution expressing support for health and wellness coaches and for the designation of the National Health and Wellness Coach Recognition Week. The resolution states: “a health coach is a new type of healthcare worker who serves as a supportive mentor to motivate individuals to make positive health choices and move toward specific wellness goals…(they) play a vital role in improving individual wellness that complements, and does not replace, the work of healthcare professionals.”
  • A similar resolution was introduced to the House of Representatives last Congress and re-introduced this Congress, You can read Rep. Donald Payne, Jr’s remarks to the House in the official Congressional Record (scroll down to H1116 – page 8 of the pdf) where he states “They (health coaches) step in to fill the gap between healthcare provider recommendations and sustainable lifestyle changes. By helping to improve individual health and wellness, health coaches get to the root of this Nation’s health crisis.”
  • Health coaching was added to the House and Senate Health Savings Acts of 2016, which would include health coaching as a “qualified medical expense,” allowing patients to pay for health coaching with pre-tax income.
2. Physicians are joining the movement.
    • The International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching is now partnering with the National Board of Medical Examiners to offer national board certification for Health and Wellness Coaches. The first exam will be held this September.
    • Some physicians are partnering with health coaches to help patients with dietary and lifestyle change and incorporating health coaching into their patients’ care plans.
3. Nurses continue to be key leaders.
4. Hospitals are hiring health coaches.
    • Many hospitals are developing strong wellness programs that include memberships to health gyms that offer health and wellness coaching.
    • Some hospitals now have health coaching programs to assist patients with chronic disease management after discharge.

5. Insurance companies are starting to jump on board.
    • Some are hiring health and wellness coaches as part of prevention programs and for at-risk patient populations such as diabetes.
    • Reimbursement is on the horizon and some companies are already offering it and/or allowing allocation of flexible spending or pre-tax dollars to go toward health coaching.
    • There are now companies that offer subscription model plans with health coaching as a customizable add-on to your insurance policy.
The Huffington Post article posed the question: “Will Health Coaching Save the Modern World?” Here at the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, we fervently agree “Yes!” Coaching can help change how we communicate and live together. At Wisdom of the Whole, we recognize that change comes from many aspects of our lives. Every decision we make influences the “Whole” of us, which in turn, influences the “Whole” of the world. Our model, based on Jean Gebser’s Structures of Consciousness is an integral approach to living and being in the world that not only teaches you how to work more effectively with your clients, but but also improve your personal relationships as well.
In our classes, you will find an interdisciplinary group of people from all walks of life with as many reasons to learn more about coaching as people in the class! Students come together to create a learning environment and community. After class, they can continue those relationships through our online conversation platform and even enlarge their circle of colleagues with access to other students.   

Building a network of people with common skills and interest can have far reaching effects. Who knows what we can create together when we are connected in these ways? Certainly, the world will be a better place with the kind of services and empowerment our program launches.
Our next Wisdom of the Whole Coach training program is starting in September. Classes are once per week for two hours, and you can either call in with your telephone or video conference with your computer or tablet.  We offer affordable payment plans and the 60-hour program is designed to help you MEET TRAINING REQUIREMENTS for any or all of the following certifications:
  • Associate Coach certification (ICF)
  • Health & Wellness Coach certification (ICHWC)
  • Nurse Coach certification (AHNCC)
  • Holistic Nurse certification (AHNCC)
  • Wisdom of the Whole Coach certification (WOW, 30-hr program)
This year we are also offering in-person weekend training programs in Rochester, MN and we’re hosting our first International Coaching Conference, September 9-10th. Check out our courses and calendar of upcoming classes on our website: http://wisdomofthewho.wpengine.com/courses/

RSVP for a free 1-hour class today and experience the power of the Wisdom of the Whole coaching model.

Are you ready to be a coach? Join the coaching movement today and let’s CHANGE the way we live…together.
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  • I am interested in the nurse health coach courses and would like to know how much tuition is please.

    • Hi Anita!
      Our 60-Hour Coach Training bundle has an early bird price of $2995. This gives three courses (Core Competency, Advanced Tools and Practicum) for one low price. You can get more information & register by visiting this webpage http://wisdomofthewho.wpengine.com/60-hour-option/. Most of our courses are remote Teleclass but our In-person at Rochester, MN this September 9th & 10th should be amazing since it is in conjunction with our Conference (at no additional charge). You can find out more information on the conference and register for both at http://wisdomofthewho.wpengine.com/conference/. Or email us at [email protected]. Thanks for your interest!

  • It’s interesting to read about some of the recent improvements and support that’s been happening for health coaching. My brother recently said that I should give this a try because it could help me get healthier. I’ll have to remember that it’s essentially a service that motivates and guides you to make healthier choices and this could be exactly what my wife and I need. Thanks for the post!

  • As more and more people jump headfirst into owning their own business, professional coaching is taking off. I’ve seen a ton more people starting their own companies in recent years than ever before!

  • I have noticed that coaching has become such a big thing lately. There are coaches for almost every field you could imagine! I don’t find it surprising that there are many nurses who respond to the need for health coaches. I think it is a wonderful idea. I’m glad to hear that it has been growing a lot!

  • It’s interesting how you said that insurance companies are hiring coaches to teach their clients how to live healthy lives if they are at risk patients. In order to prepare somebody for something like that, I imagine that you could hire someone who could do ACTP coach training. That way you can make people ready to coach instead of having to hire people who already know.

  • I never knew that the first types of coaching were business and life coaching. And it’s interesting that it’s because of their success that is why other industries have also started creating or producing their own coaches, too. Speaking of coaching, my best friend told me that she may need the help of a wellness coach to improve her overall health. She even convinced me to join her in the journey. Thanks for the information!