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I have worked with many companies and as the years progress, I have become extremely selective about my alliances. When I met acupuncturist, Geoff DePaula and his team, I was very impressed. Of course, I was enthusiastic about his vision:
To completely transform the current disease-centered model of healthcare in the U.S. into a proactive, integrative and holistic medicine paradigm of healthcare!

Next, his desire to build a healthy company culture drew me in. Not many CEOs really understand a healthy culture or how to create one. I learned about his programs and need for quality coaching and, bingo, I was really excited. I want JOBS for our coaches, but not just any job. Companies can have a great vision, but a toxic environment…and that doesn’t work. So, I began to work with IM Health several years ago building the coaching program.

And now, The Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy’s training is the preferred education for the coaches they hire.
IM Health has already hired some of our great graduates and want to provide jobs for others as the company grows.
IM Health’s Diabetes Program
They have and continue to offer corporate programs that are very successful. Go to IM Health’s website and watch the video under testimonials to see Bill and how he “rolled back” his diabetes of 20 years to a pre-diabetes state in 12 weeks, AND he came off insulin and lost 30 pounds at the same time!
Now IM Health is responding to the public’s request for a powerful virtual diabetes and pre-diabetes program. The new virtual version continues to be an integrative approach to lasting lifestyle change, stress reduction, video education, and integrative health coaching. A pivotal component of their diabetes and pre-diabetes program is the individual and group sessions provided by Health Coaches.

Referral fee for Diabetes Program
On the IM Health website, go to the referral partner tab and see how you can receive $150 for referring a friend or client to the next upcoming diabetes program.
RNFM Radio
Click Here to listen to Geoff and I on RNFM discuss our alliance and the diabetes program.
Click Here to learn more about the company and the diabetes program.

All the best, Linda

Linda Bark PhD, RN
Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)
Nurse Coach-Board Certified (American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation)
Founder and CEO of Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy


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