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Greetings Friends,

In the days following our recent election, I have cycled through a whole range of emotions. I have been quiet, listening to and trying to make sense of what I have been feeling. I have been asking myself, “What do I need to change?” As I listen inwardly, I find myself growing more challenged and compelled to fully step into the role I can take for shaping how the world experiences the shift ahead.

The election laid bare for all of us the vast differences in perception about what is happening and what we desire to have happen in our country. Each of us is naturally drawn to looking at things from our preferred perspective.

Today, I awoke having an “ah-ha” moment: What we need most, now more than ever, is the ‘wisdom of the whole.’ By providing people on both sides of the aisle, and everyone in between, a powerful means for examining the change ahead (and the world) from multiple perspectives, we can shift into an integral way of finding solutions. This integral path can serve to reduce violent language (which often leads to physical violence) and build a collaborative approach vs. self-serving views. I am called to become more articulate about spreading the word about this approach. I also decided I need to ask for your help.

Imagine if we all learned to use the ‘wisdom of the whole’ and re-examine our view through a variety of windows. For example, if it is my habit to view a situation through a logical (mental) window, and I am then led to examine it through a spiritual (archaic) window. It changes my take on things, and it changes the options, solutions and actions I have open to me. This is a great way to enable my own profound change, but just as importantly, it provides openings for seeing things from another person’s viewpoint and the wisdom they may bring to the situation.

This ‘wisdom of the whole’ opens doors to deep listening, powerful questions, direct communication, respect for each other, and love – all things that our nation and world desperately need right now.

Now is the time to ask ourselves powerful questions such as: How can I best use this post-election energy to better myself and the world?

Then, we can explore our understanding from multiple viewpoints and “know” ourselves and our world at deeper levels. Now is the perfect time for us all to move into the ‘wisdom of the whole.’

I started the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy to be a home of discovery for people like you, so you can explore an integral way of being and moving in the world. We equip our students with the knowledge and tools to help others find their inner ‘wisdom of the whole’ that is available to all of us. And along the way, our students find it in themselves which is a pretty powerful side benefit! Our whole motive for doing what we do is that we believe it is the best way to help create a better, unified, kinder, more peace-filled world.

Come join with us. Take our course if you haven’t. Tell someone else about our course. The time couldn’t be any better. The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Are you ready to help create a better world one person at a time?

Lots of love to you,

Linda Bark, PhD, RN
Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)
Nurse Coach-Board Certified (AHNCC)

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy
Work 510-864-2006


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