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Part of our Holistic Assessment is a great tool when considering nourishment because feeling nourished is not just about the food we eat, but about all kinds of things that “feed” us, as well as how it is balanced with cleansing, activity, and rest. Many of us tend to think about taking care of others and feeding others, but how do we really feed ourselves? How much time do we allow to feed ourselves?On April 4th our Nutritional Coaching Masterclass begins, and yes, we will talk about food, but also about nourishment on all levels. Imagine for example, working with a diabetic coaching client who wants to reduce their high blood sugar. As a coach, we could ask: How might you put more sweetness in your life, instead of your food?What could you do in the next week that would nourish yourself more? We invite you to reflect on that coaching question, experiment with some easy and fun “homework”, and note the results! Feel free to also check out our Holistic Assessment if you need a place to start! 


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