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Last month we talked about our Holistic Assessment as a tool to consider when taking action, and we thought while we were at it, lets look at the Holistic Assessment in terms of rest and relaxation; it is summer after all!Americans typically are really good on the activity section of the Holistic Assessment, however rest and relaxation is an area Americans need a little help with. The rest and relaxation section in the Holistic Assessment can be quite useful for coaches too, not just their clients.

If you are a coach, using the Holistic Assessment to reflect on how you are processing and renewing your energy can be very important; coaches often attract clients that are focusing on their own personal issues, which can cause a coach to be triggered by their client, often leaving the coach feeling overwhelmed.

That being said, whether you are triggered or not, a coach or a client, some important questions you can ask yourself this summer are:

  • How do you process the interactions you have had during the day?
  • Have you given yourself time for self-reflection today?
  • How could you get more rest and renewal time when feeling “off” or, to perhaps prevent feeling “off” in the first place?
  • What does “down time” really look like for you?
  • How do you take time for silence each day? Have you considered eating a meal silently?

We wish you all a wonderful summer filled with the perfect balance of activity with rest and relaxation.Warmly,Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy


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