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With the recent verdict surrounding the George Floyd case here in the United States, we’ve been thinking about the world we’ve been envisioning for years; a world with a solid foundation in kindness, understanding, equality, fairness, and justice for all. (And we’ve worked hard to weave these principles into our coach training for years.)

What does ‘justice for all’ really mean? And how do we create it? The conviction in this case was so rare that it made headlines around the world; it makes us wonder…how can justice be served for all those before (and after) George Floyd?

It can be hard to know where to begin, what to do, or how to go about changing this world, but one thing we do know, is that change starts within us before it’s reflected in the outer world. Here are some coaching questions we hope you find helpful as you ponder (without judgment) this topic as well:

  • What thoughts do I notice on a day-to-day basis around equality and judging others? Am I happy with those thoughts? Or would I like to challenge them and replace them with different ones?
  • How could I love myself more and not judge myself so often?
  • What thoughts and feelings are coming up to be healed within me right now?
  • What actions can I take that support equality?

We hope this recent verdict is just the beginning of a much deeper change (and a shift that we want to step into with as much love and self awareness as possible).

All the very best,

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