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It seemed as though most of the world was watching the recent U.S. election with bated breath. There was good reason for this, because (from our perspective) the past U.S. administration didn’t operate from a coaching culture and had no plans to do so in the future.

We are now optimistic that the new administration here in the U.S. will put forth a culture of respect and listening, direct feedback, fairness, inclusivity, and collaboration. Our hope is that all the structures of consciousness will also now be valued and/or incorporated…even if in small incremental steps.

Valuing the Archaic Structure for example would consider connection to Source, a higher good, and care for mother earth as well as all of her inhabitants when making decisions and policies. Incorporating the Magic Structure will mean increased inclusion and diversity. It will also acknowledge energy and our ability to create and manifest what we want vs. keeping to ways that no longer serve. Incorporating the Mythical Structure can mean the story of the country (and the world) can change, because we are moving from isolation, lies, and exclusion, to a country that can join with others to tackle global challenges. Valuing the Mental Structure in a healthy, balanced way means that scientific information will be incorporated into decision-making.

So, from the Integral perspective, we are on track in our evolution into wholeness. What can you do to help the Integral perspective move forward? Some options might include bringing your body awareness/wisdom into decision-making, and/or asking who benefits from various options and plans in order to make sure all are considered. Carving out time for self-care and reflection might facilitate more awareness around various situations and allow you to respond from wholeness vs. react on a level of separation. It’s a lot to consider, and we are grateful to have you in our community as we all move forward in these challenging (and transformational) times.

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