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Energy Work and Coaching

July 2024

Our coach training program does not teach students to be energy workers; we do not teach Reiki or Healing Touch etc., but we do address energy in many ways with our holistic/integral coaching approaches and skills. For example, we teach coaches to notice when there is an energy shift in the coaching session, like an "ah-ha" moment, or if someone acts more animated (high energy) when talking about certain things, or seems more reticent (low energy) with various options or situations. We also invite the discovery of old patterns that might limit someone's energy, and new patterns that expand someone's energy.

Many of our students have been trained in an energetic technique, modality, or process that they can incorporate before or during coaching sessions. They can ground and clear energy in ways that support and increase the positive impact of the session.

Another aspect of using energy work in coaching is about the coach regulating their own energy ie. to clear their energy after a coaching session in case they have picked up anything from the client, and/or to notice if they are tired after a session as a way of understanding they may have been driving the session more than the client driving it. We've also found it interesting to note that some of our coaches have commented that they get cancelations from their coaching clients if their energy is low, or if they aren't really available for more than what they are already doing. 

How do you recognize energy shifts in your clients? How do you recognize energy shifts in yourself? As you can see, there are multiple layers and aspects to using energy work in coaching; we hope you enjoy discovering how useful this can be in your current practice.


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