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Level Up! Whole Body Coaching Approaches

Strengthening your Core Competencies in Coaching through a Holistic, Whole Body, and Consciousness Perspective. 

This Asynchronous, self-study course offers new perspectives for those coaches looking to level up in their practice.  It invites coaches and their clients to look through different lenses for exploration and action. Based on Jean Gebser's 5 simple lenses of consciousness, grounded in body awareness, this course reinforces the core competencies of coaching in unique new ways. 

The powerful mental lens is based on critical thinking analysis and planning. 

Through the mythical lens, clients work with their stories, archetypes, personal symbolism, and internal dialog to travel forward on a path to new heights.

The magic lens brings in energy, subtitle aspects of knowing, use of intuition, and connection to ancestors, nature, and the morphic field.

The archaic lens connects clients to spirituality, sense of purpose, and source, which can impact motivation or shape an aspiration 

Combined use of these multidimensional approaches helps clients move more quickly and easily, with greater authenticity, often eliminating false starts, and saving energy. 


This course is separate from the Wisdom of the Whole Mastery program and is not approved for ICF Coach Training hours.



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